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inside sales

Inside Sales

We Specialize in Component Sales and are Application and Interchange Specialists

Our Customers Come First!
Distributor of over 50 products
Large Inventory of Components
Will Locate Parts Nationwide
Knowledgeable Staff
Over 35,000 sq.ft. Sales & Service
Caterpillar Exchange

We provide Weatherhead hose and fittings from ¼” to 2″ including but not limited to 6-wire CAT hose, 4-wire, 2-wire, truck hose, suction hose, non-conductive hose, air hose, stainless steel Teflon hose, push lock hose, pressure washer hose, crimp and reusable hose fittings.

We also have a large selection of different fitting adapters from ⅛” to 2″ such as JIC, JIS, NPT, O-ring Boss, O-ring Face, Flange Face, British, German and Metric.